MyBlogGuest was white hat before it was black hat

The SEO world that Google has created is a funny place.

Today’s black hat tactics were yesterday’s white hat tactics. Today’s SEO was yesterday’s traditional marketing. Funny world.

Take MyBlogGuest, for instance. Before it was a “link network” full of evil black hat gangstas and mean link builders, it was a safe haven full of quality content and white hat link building content marketing.

Fair or unfair, you are still accountable for the links you built five years ago. Better think hard about what is “white hat” today because it probably won’t be in 2017 and Penguin 6 won’t be very kind or gentle.


From founder Ann Smarty,¬†MyBlogGuest¬†provides a platform for those seeking to write and receive guest posts. The service is relatively simple, but potentially quite powerful….I’ll be surprised if some Silicon Valley style startups don’t pop up to copy this model.

Search Engine Land:

Well-known SEO consultant and search writer Ann Smarty recently launched a new project that many white hat SEOs have welcomed with open arms: My Blog Guest. The project helps SEOs find guest-blogging opportunities, and site owners to find bloggers to write for them.

Link Assistant

Whether you’re an active guest blogger or just starting out you should certainly stop by at MyBlogGuest, a guest blogging community run by Ann Smarty, one of the brightest folks in the SEO industry. The idea behind the site is pretty simple: to give guest bloggers and blog owners seeking quality content a platform where they can connect, trade posts, share their expertise and help each other promote their guest posts and blogs…

Me, in 2011

Guest blogging rules…MyBlogGuest is going to work forever.

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