Linking Policy: Please do not link to my website

Linking Policy – Updated 3/25/2014

Dear website visitor,

In order to maintain good status in all search engines, I kindly request that you follow the following procedures when linking to this site. Any inbound link to that violates these guidelines gets you added to ye olde disavow.txt (don’t worry, Google doesn’t really use that data).

I. Do not link to this site from a guest post
All guest posts are bad and this website does not condone guest posting. Clearly, no guest post should ever include a link because that would be spam.

II. Do not link to this site using unnatural anchor text
Please only use one of the following when selecting anchor text for a link to

– “website”
– “web page”
– “homepage”
– “Trevin Shirey”

Any other anchor text, especially descriptive anchor text like marketing, SEO, blog, etc. is a clear act of spam and will not be tolerated. Users appreciate vague, non-descriptive anchor text and anybody who users anything else is a spammer.

III. Do not link to this site from a a comments section, sidebar or in a forum
Remember when everybody used to find cool blogs through blogrolls? Now they are only used for spam. Remember when people used to interact in comments sections? Google+ is a much better option. And forums are overrun with spammers (expect for Google Webmaster Support Forum!)

IV. Please use rel=”nofollow” for all links pointing to this site
Google prohibits people exchanging money, posts, goods, services, free products, ideas, favors, brainwaves, oxygen, etc for links that pass PageRank. Just to be safe, let’s use a little common sense and avoid any problems by adding this simple tag.

V. Do not link to this site unless you are blogging about Trevin Shirey
Links from unrelated websites are always spam. For instance, if you write about social networking and post this content on a marketing blog, that is a violation. Please only link to my site if you entire website is devoted to….me (Trevin Shirey).

VI. Do not link to me using any of the following methods, regardless of what I create/share/post (via)

Paid links? Spam.
Reciprocal links? Spam.
Blog comments? Spam.
Forum profile links? Spam.
Integrated newspaper ads? Spam.
Article databases? Spam.
Designed by credit links? Spam.
Press releases? Spam.
Web 2.0 profile & social links? Spam.
Web directories? Spam.
Widgets? Spam.
Infographics? Spam.

VII. Do not link to this site unless the linking page is over 1,500 words
Quality content is not possible unless you reach a certain word count….let’s say 1,500 words. That should be enough.

If you have trouble with this policy, here is a handy phrase to remember: P.A.N.D.A – Please Always Numerically Describe All

VIII. Actually, it’s probably best that you do not link to me at all
It’s hard to find a type of link that I can’t prove isn’t some form of link spam. Today’s white hat is tomorrow’s black hat. Please do not link to my website at all.

And don’t worry…just in case your site is part of a guest blogging community, I won’t be linking to you either.



Just kidding.

5 Comments Linking Policy: Please do not link to my website

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  2. Fernando Martinez

    Clever and funny.

    I keep asking myself when will Google stop this Backlink madness.

    Don’t worry, if I link back to you, I’ll make sure to make it from a page about your life and your blog.


  3. Tim

    It’s funny to read this post where you ask to be linked only with generic anchors, while your comment name in JacobKing’s blog is “how to move a site to https” 😉

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