Slow news

Fast news used to be tomorrow’s paper. Then it used to be the article on the website. Now it’s the tweet.

Fast news prioritizes the creation of emotional reactions, like all social media. It’s optimized for visceral, emotional reaction — optimized for likes and shares. A lot of times fast news is also fake news. The fast, fake news goes viral like wildfire and the apologies and retractions go unread.

Fast news is instant gratification news. Fast news confirms biases.

Slow news is reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee in the morning. It’s getting the emotionless facts after they’ve been peer-reviewed and edited.

Slow news is reading, consuming and thinking at your own pace. Slow news means it’s ok to read about something and not have an instant reaction.

Slow news makes you think about new things and from a different perspective. Slow news is deliberate. It’s made for the masses yet still personal. Slow news requires discipline by writer, editor, and reader.

Slow news is how information is meant to be consumed. Slow news allows you to digest and learn.

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