Keep shipping

The people that we look up to are no different than we are. They still wake every morning with their own routine and their own ambitions for the day. They have the same fears, challenges, set backs, and epiphanies.

The difference is that they ship. Even if it’s something incremental, the people that we admire ship some form of work almost daily. They write, code, build, make, paint, draft, and anything else related to producing something of note.

A great reminder to focus on doing and building things. It’s too easy to get stuck thinking too much about the process of creating something.

If you wait for the perfect opportunity, you’ll never get started. I’m rarely in the perfect mood to write. Lots of days I absolutely don’t want to go to the gym. On most days, I make myself do it anyway. I always feel accomplished in the end.

The people we admire don’t formulate excuses. They finish things. You learn more and become a better person by finishing what you start.

Building a crappy widget is more enriching than sitting around talking about building a really good widget.

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