Do The Hard Things

Lazy marketing is easy.

Lazy marketing is going through the same marketing process for every project, every site.

Lazy marketing is reading what worked for another site and thinking it will work for your site.

Lazy marketing is recycling old ideas, praying they’ll work again.

Lazy marketing is doing what is familiar.

Lazy marketing is publishing a blog post and crossing your fingers that people will actually read it.

Lazy marketing is only measuring what is easily measurable.

Lazy marketing treats website visitors like…visitors.

Lazy marketing is bad marketing.

The best marketers are those who are willing to do the hard things. It’s hard to create a 10,000 word piece of content that drives 1000s of prospective customers to your site. It’s hard to write awesome content about moving companies. It’s hard to earn links. It’s hard to work with a crappy CMS. It’s hard to learn a new JavaScript library when creating an interactive graphic. It’s hard to spend 12 hours going through a 20,000 line Excel file of links.

Good marketing is digging deep to measure true indicators of success.

Good marketing is viewing the “Publish” button as only the first step.

Good marketing is taking the extra 3 hours to write an industry-leading piece instead of another boring blog post.

Good marketing is challenging yourself and your clients to experiment and push new boundaries.

Good marketing treats website visitors like real people.

If you ever start to think that marketing is easy, you are doing something wrong.

Lazy marketing is easy. Good marketing is hard.

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