Drunk on content

When we spend so much time reading what other people create online, it makes us less likely to create ourselves. If you make the mistake of convincing yourself you need to read every single article about a particular subject, you are going to drown in waves of recycled content and probably not learn anything. Unless you really think that twerking can teach you something about inbound marketing.

The people who are writing content worth your time aren’t sitting around reading crappy content or trying to figure out what to blog about next. They are makers and doers who happen to write about things. They write because they have something new and interesting to say.

Around 2 months ago I moved into a new apartment. I put off getting Internet for one week than two and eventually I decided I didn’t really need it for the time being. (Disclaimer: Have 4G LTEĀ  mobile hotspot available on my phone for ’emergencies.’)

What I found was that I was coming up with better ideas for new marketing initiatives and writing better, more original content than I ever have. I wasn’t wasting time reading articles and convincing myself that too many people and already wrote about a subject or that a particular market was too small to be interesting.

By only consuming content that is truly worth your time you’ll find yourself inspired and engaged instead of getting drunk on content that says a lot without really saying anything at all.