SEO is dead

seo is dead
With 2014 approaching, the time has come to officially proclaim SEO is dead. People have said that SEO is dead for a long time, but this time we aren’t messing around.

Why is SEO dead in 2014?

SEO is dead because we have better options like inbound marketing. You can sign up today for a free trial at Moz or Hubspot and start to experience the joy of inbound marketing (for a low monthly fee of course). Why waste your time on optimizing for keywords if SEO is dead? Inbound marketing isn’t a fancy word for SEO! It’s a whole new lifestyle. Learn to dance on the grave of SEO while never having to check rankings…the only thing that matters if blog post views. Number of post is the new revenue since SEO is dead (and high quality are worth many dollars! h/t @hubspot)

The new SEO for 2014 is really all about creating high quality content…just like this blog post about the death of SEO. Since SEO is dead, we need to focus on social signals, building up Google authorships, ego bait, infographics, ebooks and more. None of these are about links or ranking highly in Google though. I just do them to look like an industry expert. Google can tell if you are one. I read it on Moz.

The Reason Why SEO Is Dead

1. Matt Cutts said SEO isn’t real. He’s an unbiased expert on search. He said PageRank is dead too and it isn’t coming back in 2013 just like how SEO is dead.

2. Google Penguin killed SEO. Just do a few searches. Google killed all the link spammers. Only top notch content by verified Google authors ranks in the SERPs.

3. This Business2Community awesome guest post on “SEO is Dead. Content Marketing = Guaranteed SEO” It brought a tear to my eye.

4. Reason four is my editor told me to write a post called “SEO is dead” and mention that specific phrase at least 155 times. We do it for branding and because SEO is dead, death of SEO, seo dead, is seo dead? seo death 2014. It’s great for users.

5. Google doesn’t really think of links anymore. Google thinks of brands. You should build a brand. my brand is about SEO is dead because we provide quality SEO is dead through content marketing about SEO is dead 2014 and free tools, ebooks, webinars, blog posts, tweets, articles, spun articles, blog comments, paid links about subjects such as SEO is dead.

6. If you get more of the Google+ you will rank higher. I read it in a forum post by ez_shares4u so it’s trustworthy.

7. Because great content is great!

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2 Comments SEO is dead

  1. Jon Henshaw

    SEO is actually alive and well. People just got confused and thought it became inbound marketing. In particular, onsite SEO that focuses on IA, semantic HTML, structured data, having the right signals, etc… are still quite effective. I’ve built sites with very little links or social interactions that rank and perform quite well.

    1. Trevin

      Hey Jon!

      Couldn’t agree more! Just a bit of satire in that piece. 😀

      People who are focusing on SEO nowadays are still outranking those who have ‘moved past’ SEO.

      I’ve seen similar results with sites that just focused on SEO. You can still pull rank nicely!


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