How I Get Daily Affiliate Marketing Ideas For Free

Affiliate marketing is a simple yet complicated venture. You can be up and running in any industry and you can  be successful in any industry. You often hear about people making six figures pushing the usual suspects: hosting, pharmaceuticals or credit cards, but I know a bunch of people raking in cash in lesser known industries like snow removal, strollers and more. The best affiliate marketers are picky about which industries to venture into.

I love hearing how people choose which niches to target. It’s one of my favorite things about affiliate marketing.

One tactic that I use is leveraging to deliver free daily ideas to my inbox. Flippa lets you buy or sell websites through their service. Sites are often bundled with an online product or tool…oftentimes tied to an affiliate program.

To foster engagement, Flippa allows users to get daily or weekly emails continuing new websites for sale that you may be interested in based on saved searches.

I use this feature to get tons of new ideas for affiliate websites conveniently delivered to my email inbox.

Here’s how:

1. Create your account and perform a search for an affiliate industry you’re interested in.

Screenshot 2013-12-14 at 12.56.33 PM

I always filter the search to only include sites that have some revenue coming in. There’s nothing more worthless than an affiliate site not making money.

2. Click “Save This Search” at the top of the screen. Name it whatever you want and make sure that the checkbox below is ticked to receive email notifications.

That’s it…you are done. You’ll get daily emails from Flippa that include websites that are for sale. Each listing will have data on traffic and revenue. The best part? A lot of the numbers are verified so you can definitely see how much money people are making from each of these sites.

The goal isn’t to find sites to buy, but get ideas on what is working across different industries and how people are monetizing their sites. This is super valuable information for any affiliate marketer and getting a daily dose of inspiration in your inbox can work wonders.

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