SEO, PR & our ever-changing world

Here are the slides for a talk I gave for WebpageFX on February 27, 2014 for the PA Public Relations Society on SEO 101 and PR.

I talked about how the Internet is a strange, weird and awesome place. The Internet is really us…it’s our world but without any infrastructure. If you want anybody in the world to read what you have to say, you used to have to write a book or print a flyer and then find a way to distribute it en masse. With the Internet, you just say it and people can find it.

Specifically, I talked about how search powers this strange new world we live in. Search is how we find information and the foundation for how we are communicating in 2014. Great communicators and PR professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to do great things through search. It’s never been easier for people to find out about clients,  projects or campaigns.

SEO and PR have a few common end goals: increase visibility and gain exposure. Traditionally, the way that we arrive at those end goals has been totally different but savvy strategists are already combining the two of them (and have been for years). With search more powerful of a marketing channel than ever, now’s the time to start incorporating data, analytics, inbound marketing and SEO into PR/communications campaigns.

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